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Investors funding Los Angeles, CA, US based startups

Steve Gatena


Based in Los Angeles, CA, US. Invests in Clean Technology, Consumer Internet, Enterprise Software, Mobile, Healthcare, Video, Security, Transportation, General Aviation

Bong Koh


Founder or Investor in @kohfounders @beta-bridge-capital @shift-1 @retention-science @gradient-x @triggr-health @mucker-lab @luxe-1 @saymedia @konekt @sapho

Shaun Abrahamson


Investing in the future of cities @UrbanUsCo @UrbanXAccel. Voider of warranties.

Paige Craig

BetterWorks Closed

VP Business at @Birdride - connecting communities. Former VC, CEO & Marine Corps

Randall Kaplan

Co-Founder @akamai-technologies; CEO @jump-investors; Chairman @m-path, @urgentrx; Board Member @tapiture; Investor @google, @postini & 50+ more.

Kihong Bae

Strong Ventures

Managing Partner, Strong Ventures / 스타트업 바이블, 스타트업 바이블2 저자

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Los Angeles, CA, US investors

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