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Keep Investors in the Know.

Everything you need to build great updates. Keep your investors in the loop by sending updates on a regular basis.
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"If your startup isn’t sending you monthly updates, it’s going out of business."
Jason Calacanis
Angel Investor
Fully Customizable. Select which investors, shareholders or board members can view updates. Add charts and diagrams to show company progress.
Track Engagement. Find out which of your investors are the most engaged, see who is opening and reviewing your updates.
Easy to use. Easily add text, images, attach documents and more.
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Professional Templates

Y Combinator Investor Update Template

An investor update template from Y Combinator.

Techstars’ Investor Update

An investor update template from Techstars.

Founder Collective Investor Template

An investor Update template by the team at Founder Collective.

"Thanks for the support! The platform is really fantastic. You guys helped me get a lot of meetings with investors ultimately helping me raise money for my round."
Jason Sherman, CEO TapRm
One platform
What you can do with Investor Intelligence
Investor Database
Comprehensive database of 100k+ angel investors, VCs, family offices and investment funds
Investor Outreach
Easily send emails to investors. Track opens, clicks and interest.
409A valuations
Reputable, audit-ready, fast, cost-effective 409As
Alternative Capital
Offering non-dilutive debt capital from $25k to $1M for growth
Collection of startup docs, including term sheets, financial models, NDAs, and more.
Investor Management
Manage new investors and easily follow up with existing investors via updates
Document Tracking
Secure document sharing, whitelisting and support for electronic signatures
Cap Table
Easily keep accurate records of your company equity without needing to be a CPA.
Investor Update Templates
Keep your investors engaged with professional, beautiful investor relations updates
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